Water Bottle Buddi Holder - Pink

Water Bottle Buddi Holder - Pink


These water bottle holders are an ingenious idea by Bottle Buddi!  As mums, we can very much relate to the issue of leaking water bottles in school bags and book bags and these are the perfect solution!  (We also think it will help to remind our little ones to drink more water!)


Made from a soft, water-resistant material, the Bottle Buddi attaches easily to a book bag, bag, scooter or bike with two straps and press studs.  This makes it simple for your little one to attach it themselves, yet strong enough to hold a number of styles of water bottle (18cm height with an opening circumference of 23.5cm)


The bags can either be matched to the colour of a book bag to blend in, or other colours are available. 


There is no need for the Bottle Buddi to be removed from the book bag, as it can fold flat when the book bags and water bottles are stored in school. Additionally, it has a name tag inside so that it’s easy to identify.


25% of all profits made on our Bottle Buddis will go to our local infant and nursery school, to help towards buying any new equipment and resources.


Designed, protected and manufactured in Great Britain. 

100% Polyester Microfibre material, with polypropylene webbing straps, the product is durable and can be machine washed upto a 40 degree setting.