Raccoon Sketch Print

Raccoon Sketch Print


This mischievous raccoon would look fab in any nursery or bedroom!  Did you know, raccoons are super clever with a high IQ and have excellent memories?  A winning combo in our opinion - cheeky & smart...


We are thrilled to be stocking these incredible prints from Nottingham's very own illustrator & artist, Sarah Hammond.  Sadly for us, she now resides in Vancouver, but she assures us that as well as being enthused by birds and animals North Pacific, she is still inspired by the nature and outdoors she grew up with on her family's farm in Nottinghamshire.


This is a 8 x 10 inch print, printed on quality rives cartridge paper with hand torn edges and embossed logo in the corner. 

All prints are made with respect for the earth and all living things, with paper from sustainable managed forests.


Please note, the print is sold unframed.