About Us

Hello!  We’re Alex & Louisa, we live at the bottom of each other's gardens and we’ve known each other for a loooong time...


We’ve always wanted to start a business together and with a shared passion for interiors, we originally dreamed of owning a homewares shop. Since having four kids between us, we found that styling their rooms gave us a whole new space to have fun with and this has become our focus.

Our idea is simple...we want to make buying for your little one’s living, sleep & play spaces as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, without costing the earth.

The name ‘Scoot’ came about one summer’s afternoon over a glass of wine, when we were chatting to some lovely friends and telling them about our plans. We started discussing possible names and finally, when ‘Scoot’ was mentioned, we knew it was the one (Thanks GH! x)

After months of researching, we've brought together a collection of fab objects that can be used to effortlessly update the look of any child’s space. We love discovering new designers and many of the pieces we stock are hand-made right here in the UK.  We hope you and your little ones love them as much as we do!

We aim to provide exceptional customer service and we’d love you to contact us if you have any suggestions or queries.  If you think your products or creations could fit well with our ethos and brand, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you… X



Verb / sku:t / informal

1. Go or leave somewhere quickly.

2. Slide in a sitting position.

3. Ride a scooter.

dash, dart, run, sprint, race, rush, hurry, hasten, hare, hurtle, bolt, shoot,   charge, career, speed, fly, whizz, zoom;



Alex Heggie, Louisa Jones & the Scoot Kids!